About the Restoring Excellence in Education Forum

The Restoring Excellence in Education Forum is a grassroots-initiated project devoted to informing and empowering parents on the subject of education. The primary goals of the Restoring Excellence in Education Forum are a) to look at education from the parents’ perspective, b) to challenge citizens to action and c) to challenge schools to improve in the areas of excellence, transparency and accountability.

Most importantly, Restoring Excellence in Education’s goal is to focus on ideas and reforms. First and foremost.

Richard Vedder is the keynote speaker for higher education. Dr. Vedder is an economist at Ohio University. Dr. Vedder’s Center for College Affordability and Productivity has published one of the pre-eminent studies on the ratio of administrators to professors. Perhaps Dr. Vedder’s signature work is “The Twelve Inconvenient Truths about Higher Education.”

RiShawn Biddle will be the keynote speaker for the K-12 education segment of the event. Biddle is best known as the founder of Dropout Nation. He “combines journalism, research and advocacy to bring insight on the nation’s education crisis and rally families and others to reform American public education.”

Dr. Vedder and Mr. Biddle are two of the leading thinkers/reformers on educational issues.

The theme for the event is “Engage in the discussion.” RiShawn Biddle’s presentation will focus on getting parents engaged at the school board level. Dr. Jeff Johnson’s presentation on citizen’s expectations will surely get people to ask questions. Janet Beihoffer’s presentation on setting education expectations high is sure to be thought-provoking, too.

K-12 panelist, Allen Quist, is not only a former Minnesota State Legislator but a widely recognized writer and speaker throughout the United States. Allen Quist is author of five books, the most recent being America’s Schools: The Battleground for Freedom. Quist authored the best-selling book, FedEd: The New Federal Curriculum and How It’s Enforced. In his books he explains the federal No Child Left Behind legislation and programs such as International Baccalaureate, he describes the math and reading wars, and he discusses the effects of international agreements on our schools.

State legislators Gene Pelowski, Pam Myhra, Sondra Erickson and retired State Rep. Laura Brod will participate in panel discussions and give presentations on education reform ideas. Rep. King Banaian will moderate the Higher Education portion of the event. Rep. Steve Gottwalt will moderate the K-12 portion of the event.